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All schedule changes and requests are handled through the Client Services Department and/or Facility Manager. To cancel or make changes to your schedule, please call, email, or speak directly to the Facility Manager. Please do not give any changes to the Specialists; only notification through the Manager will be recognized as a requested change.

Our goal is to help make sure you have the best program at Project Walk. We will attempt to accommodate your scheduling requests. However, constant schedule changes are disruptive to your program, the Specialists, and other clients at Project Walk. The policies listed below enable us to deliver an optimal program to you and every client.


All clients MUST give a 24-hour notice of cancellation in order to receive credit regardless of the circumstance.  Additionally, a $25 fee is assessed to EACH cancelled hour.

Under the Cancellation Policy for Illness or Emergencies, you will receive a credit to your account for EACH cancelled hour minus the cancellation fee. (For example: @ a $110 hourly rate ‐ $25 cancellation fee = $85).

We do not credit for bowel/bladder accidents. Please bring a change of clothes with you.

Cancelled hours can be rescheduled, provided the existing schedule allows for it.


Any cancellations made with less than a two week notice of the first day affected by the cancellation, will be subject to the $25 cancellation fee per cancelled hour. If you’re planning a vacation, changing school or work schedule, or changing/ending your recurring schedule:

Clients MUST have all schedule changes for the following month turned in at least 14 calendar days prior to the first day affected by the cancellation to avoid the cancellation fee of $25 per cancelled hour (For example, cancellations for April 16 need to be turned in by April 2).


A cancellation without a 24-hour notice is considered a no show. No Shows are an inconvenience to the Specialists reserved for you during your recurring hours and affect the consistency of your program. Any cancellations without a 24-hour notice will be charged the full‐amount of total hours cancelled for that day. If notification of the no show is given prior to the start of your first schedule hour that day, you may reschedule the no show hour(s) within the current month, if the schedule allows.

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