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Physician Referral

Project Walk Houston’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals (and families) who have been affected by a paralysis disorder, stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. We also understand that incorporating exercise into a regime as early as possible will greatly benefit recovery. 

Choosing Project Walk Houston

Included with our commitment to the community, we respect your decisions and your relationship with your client. To ensure that your client receives the adequate care, we provide:

  • Quick Appointment Setup

  • Open Communication Schedule

  • Summary Progress Reports

Project Walk Houston's programs are based on client's distance to facility and ability to attend appointment regularly. 

These options range from a one-week visit to a reoccurring schedule for clients who live within driving distance.


No matter what program a client chooses, our certified staff will create a customized exercise prescription that meets the individual’s exact needs based on their injury and resources. 

Scheduling Referral Evaluations

Our Facility Manager will handle the initial evaluation of your client -- ensuring that they are comfortable and determining the best activities for their profile.


Please call Jacob Calhoun at (281) 818-9375 or email him at to:

  • Refer a patient to Project Walk Houston,

  • Discuss a patient with our specialist and see if they are a right fit,

  • Or obtain more information about the services we offer.

Our clients are our motivators, our inspiration, and our friends.

Question About Referrals
Questions about patient referrals? Reach out to PWH by completing the form below. 

Thank you! Our Facility Manager will get back to you as soon as he can.

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