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Project Walk Houston offers two different programs. These options range from a one-week visit to a reoccurring schedule for clients who live within driving distance.


No matter what program a client chooses, our certified staff will create a customized exercise prescription that meets the individual’s exact needs based on their injury and resources. 

determining the program: 

First steps of determining whether you are a visiting client / local client is the distance that you're able to travel comfortably and how consistently. Find where Project Walk Houston is using Google Maps link below or typing our address into your search.

11275 W. Sam Houston Parkway Suite #175
Houston, Texas 77031 

Project Walk Houston's Facility Manager

Not sure which program works for you or have another question? Contact our Facility Manager and he'll get you started.


+Local Client

This program is designed for clients who can attend on a regular schedule. It gives clients consistent access to our Recovery Specialists and allows our trainers to monitor the progress throughout the duration of their recovery.


As a client’s recovery progresses throughout their program, our Specialists can refine the exercise regimen and techniques on a day-to-day basis to maximize their potential for improvement.

+Visiting Client

Designed for clients who cannot attend on a consistent basis but still want access to Project Walk’s activity-based recovery methods. This program has the client come to a Project Walk facility for a minimum of one week.


During that week, they will work one-on-one with our Certified Recovery Specialists and learn how to perform the exercises that will be most beneficial to their specific injury.

Respect, Communication, & Commitment.

What we are most proud of - our team, our programs, and most of all - our clients. We encourage anyone who has been affected by stroke, paralysis disorders, or any spinal cord/traumatic brain injury to take a moment to fill out an application. Progress starts with research and education and our goal is to provide you with the resources to find a recovery program that best suites your needs.


"Project Walk Houston has been a community and therapy for me. Everyone has treated me like family and are so invested in my recovery."

-Nick Dalheim, Spinal Cord Injury Client

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