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About Project Walk Houston

Project Walk Houston's unique approach to activity-based recovery improves function below the level of injury.

Originally founded by Mark and Cindy Dremely, Project Walk Houston was started to support their son Brooks who suffered a spinal cord injury in a motocross accident. Since then, Project Walk Houston works with and supports a wide range of individuals and families affected by paralysis and mobility disorders. 


Now owned and operated by Jacob Calhoun and Ross LaBove, they have been with Project Walk Houston since day one. It is their combined experiences and dedication to service that continues the legacy of Brooks and keeps the energy alive and impactful at Project Walk.


Their mission is to help others down their road to recovery, provide the tools and resources to improve function and to foster a strong, nurturing community -- one individual at a time. 

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Kelly began her career in the United States Navy where she became a certified fitness leader working with other sailors to ensure they were mission ready. Following the Navy, Kelly achieved her B.S. in kinesiology - exercise science from the University of Houston with the intent to pursue a physical therapy degree. Kelly is NASM certified with a background in physical therapy and personal training. Kelly is dedicated and eager to work with each client to achieve their goals.
Kelly Villegas

Certified Recovery Specialist

Jacob graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler with a Masters in Kinesiology in 2012. Following that time, he worked primarily in the sports performance and rehabilitation field until he found his way to the field of paralysis recovery in late 2013, Jacob moved to Houston at the inception of Project Walk Houston to bring his experience and passion to the Houston community.   Now, Jacob fills the role as the proud co-owner of Project Walk Houston -- committed to refine the activity-based recovery programs that shape Project Walk Houston, and to improve the lives of as many individuals that suffer from paralysis.
Jacob Calhoun

Facility Manager & Certified Recovery Specialist

DeAndre graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in Kinesiology in June of 2020. He has extensive experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, as well as previous experience here at Project Walk Houston as a Recovery Aide during his college years. After graduating, he led a fitness program at an independent senior living community, where he would develop greater leadership experience. After a year, DeAndre returned to paralysis recovery as a Recovery Specialist in April of 2022.  He has a passion for health, recovery, and nutrition.
DeAndre Sumrall

Certified Recovery Specialist

Andy earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Houston in 2022. With a background in personal training and coaching, he is deeply passionate about helping individuals enhance their health and fitness to elevate their overall quality of life.He is now devoted to aiding in the recovery processes at Project Walk.
Andy Igwe

Certified Recovery Specialist

Ross is a graduate of Lamar University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Fitness Management. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending extra time at the gym and relaxing with his family. Ross has been involved in the fitness and rehabilitation industry for over 10 years and has a strong understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body. His energetic and motivating personality enables him to be a great fit in the paralysis community. He moved from Dallas with his wife and dog Cheech to be a part of Project Walk Houston. 

Ross is now the proud co-owner of Project Walk Houston. His dedication to his clients and their families provides more than just recovery; it helps them learn and adapt to a new way of life. Ross wants to spread hope and the opportunity for recovery to the Houston community and beyond!
Ross LaBove

Certified Recovery Specialist

The difference between us and other recovery centers?
Our Team.

We take great pride in our team and the environment we have built and fostered here at PWH. We're more than a physical therapy rehabilitation center, we're a family working to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by paralysis.

Our clients are our motivators, our inspiration, and our friends.

PWH Group 2024.JPG

“We relocated here from Florida. I had researched and knew that a personal trainer type situation was something I wanted to try with Aubree, but needed someone with experience and expertise -- not just a gym setting. Having done traditional PT since she was 20 months old we were ready for a new approach.
We found Project Walk Houston, called and talked to Jacob and have been working with him since June. We’ve been very pleased!” 

Wendy Ford, mother of client with Cerebral Palsy

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