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We've put together a list of resources where you can find a support group, place to stay during your visit here at Project Walk Houston, or companies that offer additional accessibility tools to help improve your quality of life.

If you'd like to be a part of our resources page, please contact us at Thank you.

  • What is the difference between Project Walk and other activity-based programs?
    There are many things that separate Project Walk from other programs but the most important is that our clients regain function. We are not a “boot camp” for spinal cord injuries and our goal is not to train you like an Olympic athlete. Other programs that focus on how physically exhausted you are during your workout do not understand the goal of activity-based recovery is not fitness. The goal is to regain function below level of injury and as a result, clients increase their health.
  • What are the benefits of Project Walk?
    Clients typically see the following benefits from Project Walk’s program: Increased muscle mass Increased central nervous system activity Increased health and well-being Increased sensation including hot and cold, pain, and touch Increased function below level of injury Increased occupational skills Decreased drug dependence Decreased pain
  • Will I walk again?
    Nothing in life is guaranteed, but if you do nothing to promote recovery, you are almost guaranteed a life without it. At Project Walk we cannot promise that you will walk again. We do promise the best facility, a positive environment for healing, the best and most highly trained and skilled staff in the world in the field of activity-based recovery and a long-term, realistic plan that fits your needs as an individual.
  • How long will my recovery program take?
    There is no set standard on how long it will take to regain function. Every person has their own goals and desired outcomes and works towards their needs. Each person, their diagnosis, and their recovery are different. At Project Walk Houston, we are working to re-train the nervous system, and the time frame involved with that process is varied for every client.
  • Which program is right for me?
    At Project Walk we make the strongest effort to create programs that are specific for the individual. If you need anything from a spinal injury to traumatic brain injury exercise program, we have something for you. These programs are constantly changing as the individual progresses through their recovery. Please take a moment to review each program we have to offer. From our Home Recovery options, all the way up to our Train Your Trainer, we are confident that with our help you will find the program that best suits your needs!
  • How long should my visit be?
    The initial length of your stay will be determined by you and Project Walk location during the application process. For specific questions regarding length of visit, please contact us at
  • Can I bring my own trainer?
    Yes, Project Walk Houston encourages clients to bring a friend, family member, or trainer to observe and ask questions during training.
  • What are your scheduling policies?
    Please find our scheduling policies here.
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